James Sykes Author.


James Sykes.

About the author, So let me tell you. Ever since I was a child we had a strong tradition for stories and audio books shared together as a family. I always had a passion for writing but with my dyslexia I was afraid and found it difficult to express myself in words. But this never stopped me from dreaming exciting stories. I was in love with funny but ultimately dark stories, passionate for reading authors like Roald Dahl, Stephen king, Clive barker and one year I discovered a illustrated picture book written by dean Koontz. It was called Santa’s twin and I loved it.
I was also very influenced by horror artists like Daniele Tunstall . Although my ambition was to create beautiful stories for people to share together and be published. I never wanted to be famous myself. I just wanted to recognised for my work and free to write about whatever I liked, expressing my own opinions. James Sykes writes in the dark. I would like to become the Banksy of literature.

I have lots of stories in the process of being completed , one about a team of people who play characters in a theme park inspired by my years of experience.


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